Speak with Confidence and Present with Authority

Apr 09, 2024

Last week, I coached with a client, Sarah, who faced a common challenge many of my clients tend to encounter at some point in their professional journey.

Sarah had a crucial online presentation coming up, one that could significantly impact her reputation within the company. It was her moment to shine, addressing company executives with her insights and expertise. However, despite being more than qualified to deliver the content in that presentation, doubts clouded Sarah's confidence. She worried about questions, potential scrutiny from senior colleagues, and the looming fear of making a misstep that could trip her up and negatively impact her growing reputation as a shining star within the company.

I've seen it countless times over the years: people with impeccable knowledge and skills hesitating to fully embrace their expertise, often due to their fear of colleagues' expectations of them or their imposter syndrome reminding them how badly it might go, especially if... (whatever they fear might go wrong, which it usually doesn't)!

Perhaps you've felt this, too. The fear of appearing overconfident or being exposed as less knowledgeable than others assumed can hold us back from fully stepping into that moment and speaking with authority.

But here's the thing—while humility is essential, owning your expertise and stepping into your greatness with confidence and grace is also.

During our conversation, I shared some key points with Sarah that I hope may help when you need to speak up and feel more confident, too:

  • Being an expert doesn't mean having all the answers all the time...and being comfortable with that, and the possibility that you may need to look for them as a follow-up sometimes, too (and that's okay).
  • Thorough preparation is non-negotiable. Never wing it; ensure you're fully prepared, practised, and polished. Preparation is key whether you deliver a presentation within an organization or your own company.
  • Command the virtual room. Even though it's online, exude confidence, and don't shrink yourself to fit the screen!
  • In case of hiccups, refrain from unnecessary apologies. Embrace flexibility and adaptability when addressing unexpected challenges.
  • Anticipate potential questions or objections and have well-thought-out responses ready to address them head-on.
  • Use humour wisely. While some self-deprecating humour can lighten the mood, moderation is key.

Whether you deliver a presentation at work, host a webinar, or speak up during a meeting, having the ability to speak confidently and with authority, even if you still feel a little shy, will always help you succeed.

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