Learn From Apple, Nike & Ikea

Sep 18, 2023

Question: What do Apple, Nike, and Ikea do so well that could help you grow your business, too?

Answer: They tell great stories. Their demographic identifies with those stories, and others want to be part of them, too. Through the years, Apple has invited us to 'Think Different', Nike wanted us to 'Just Do It', and Ikea created 'The Wonderful Everyday.'

But how exactly did they do that...and could you do something similar in your business, too?

The answer is 'yes', and since Apple demonstrated the process once again in their iPhone and Apple Watch keynote last week, in this week's blog, I share the three main storytelling principles they used so successfully and how you can apply them to your business for equally remarkable results - plus if you want to see how Apple even layered multiple mini-stories into the 3-minute intro sequence of their keynote, you can watch it here (and I challenge you not to have tears in your eyes by the end of it)!

1. Start with a Vision

When Apple unveils a new product, they don't just talk about specs and features; they paint a vivid picture of the future. They start with a vision of how their innovation will improve people's lives. It's not about the product; it's about the impact it will have.

As coaches, we can take a page from Apple's book by casting a vision for our clients. Instead of merely presenting coaching services, illustrate the transformation a client will experience using that service. Describe the destination, the journey, and the personal growth they'll achieve through your coaching. People connect with stories of transformation and purpose.

2. Create an Emotional Connection

Apple knows that to capture hearts and minds, they must evoke emotions. They infuse their product launches with wonder, excitement, and anticipation. They use storytelling to make their audience feel something profound.

As coaches, we should aim to create emotional connections with our clients. Share stories that resonate on a personal level. Highlight the struggles you've overcome or the successes your clients have achieved. Make your audience feel the joy, relief, or inspiration that can be achieved with coaching. Think of emotions as the gateway to lasting connections and trust.

3. Keep it Simple and Memorable

Apple's product presentations are legendary for their simplicity. They distil complex technologies into straightforward, relatable messages. They use everyday language to ensure everyone can understand their story.

Simplicity is also key in promoting a coach, training or people-centred business. Avoid jargon and overly technical terms. Communicate your approach easily so prospective clients and customers can grasp it. Create memorable messages that stick. Whether it's a catchy coaching slogan or a relatable anecdote, ensure your story lingers in your clients' minds long after your session ends.

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Apple, Nike, and Ikea's product launches aren't just about selling; they're about innovation and storytelling. So, as you market your business, remember to tell stories that paint a vision for the future, elicit emotions, and remain simple and unforgettable. Remember, it's less about the product than the transformation it promises.

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