How Much Do You Love Your Clients?

Feb 13, 2024

As it's Valentine's Day, let me ask: How much do you love your clients?

I know, as professionals, we cherish all the clients we work with, but there are some we love working with more than others. Am I right? So, how do you show them you care? After all, a client that 'feels the love' is more likely to be a repeat client should they need your services in the future, refer new prospective clients to you, and make your business more enjoyable.

So, how do you share the love?

Here are five skills some of the most successful coaches and business owners include that let their clients know they care:

  1. Listen with empathy: Loving the work you do as a coach begins with listening - truly listening in when a client shares their fears, aspirations, and stories, all without judgment or agenda. It's about creating a safe space where clients can express themselves freely, knowing they are heard and valued.
  2. Believe in your clients' potential: Loving the people you work with helps you see the best in them and helps them see the best in themselves, too. As coaches, we hold a vision of our clients' highest potential, even when they occasionally doubt themselves. Our belief in them can be a powerful catalyst for their growth and transformation.
  3. Challenge with compassion: Love isn't always about being gentle. Sometimes, it's about pushing our clients out of their comfort zones, challenging their limiting beliefs, and holding them accountable for their goals. But crucially, it's about doing so with compassion—knowing when to push and when to support, always with their best interests at heart.
  4. Celebrate their victories: Love celebrates every step of the journey, no matter how small. As coaches, we celebrate our clients' victories—whether it's a breakthrough in mindset, a new skill acquired, or a goal achieved. These moments of celebration can help them validate their progress and strengthen the bond between coach and client.
  5. Walk beside them: And finally, love is about walking beside your client every step of the way. It's about being there through the ups and downs of the journey they take with you, offering a different perspective, support, and encouragement whenever needed. It's about being a constant presence on their journey and sometimes even a beacon of light when all they see is darkness.

Ultimately, the question of how much we love our clients cannot be measured in words or deeds. It's something felt—in the warmth of a genuine smile, the strength of an empathetic ear, and the depth of a heartfelt question.

So, how much do you love your clients? And how much do you show that love with the work you do with them? Let me know.

Wishing you a very happy Valentine's Day. 

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